Welcome to my world!

In my world, knowledge is ranked with highest priority. Knowledge is the key aspect that differentiates two humans. A person who has mastered the ability to utilize his knowledge to the maximum extent bears a possibility to conquer the world and lead all his fellow humans to enlightenment.

This blog is all about sharing and gaining knowledge. It will be a two way learning experience.

As a software developer I have always focused on time to market than augmenting my knowledge while developing complex software systems. I was more bothered about the customer satisfaction rate than researching a best possible solution for the problem at hand.

Progressively, this practice paved way to cause a sharp and noticeable reduction in the level of knowledge in basic concepts. I would have never realized this until lately, when a friend of mine posed a typical query on linked list, trees and graphs. I almost reached a stage where I preferred to bang my head to a wall than write a ‘C’ program that would auto-generate the required answer.

What actions resulted in reduction of the knowledge level? How do I equate my knowledge level to the time when I graduated and was blossoming with great ideas and solutions; capable of solving any problem at hand and creating efficient algorithms to address the same.

A solution to the current situation is best reflected by the statement – ‘Always keep your swords sharp’ – Practice! Learn! Bit-by-bit, topic after topic, slow and steady, I will regain and enrich my knowledge level to an unprecedented level.

Practice makes man perfect – yes. It also makes sure that the foundation on which our knowledge lies is always intact and never slacks.

Charged with several thoughts in mind, I have set my goals and embarked on an incredible journey of refreshing my knowledge and perfecting the very foundations due to which I am what I am today.

This blog is expected to document all the information I would learn and in most occasions, re-learn the basic concepts.

The core intension is to keep track of my progress and have a document that can be revisited often to sharpen my sword.

I assume that this blog would also help those of you who are willing to re-attain the same glory which I am anticipating to reach.

It’s never too late to begin. A man who is aware of how to enrich and use his knowledge better than his counterparts bears enough strength to conquer the world!

Let us start learning….


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