How to access Microsoft Windows shared folders from Linux using Nautilus (GUI)?

Linux is a very versatile operating system. Today, the Graphical User Interface of Linux is as user friendly and powerful as other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows® or Apple Macintosh®.

With the ever growing features in the recent version of Linux, accessing the Microsoft Windows shared folders in Linux is a breeze.

In this post, we will illustrate how to access Microsoft Windows® shared folders using the Nautilus file manager in Linux.

Nautilus is the official file manager for GNOME desktop. Its so versatile and multifarious that it can be used to browse the local filesystem along with files shared in a FTP server, HTTP server, SFTP servers, WebDAV servers and Microsoft Windows® shared folders.

To browse the Windows shared folder,type the below line in the address bar of the Nautilus file manager:





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