How to backup a remote PostgreSQL db and restore it locally?

This article lists the commands to dump a remote PostgreSQL database in a local file and then restore it on the localhost PostgreSQL server running.

# Please note: The below commands worked for me. It may or may not work for you.

# Please use it at your own risk. # Create a database dump of the the remote DB. pg_dump -h -Fc -o -U remote-postgresql-user remote-db-name > mydatabase.dump # Example: pg_dump -h -Fc -o -U postgres mydatabase > mydatabase.dump # Restore the db dump as a local PostgreSQL database. # Note that I have assumed that you have already installed and configured PostgreSQL

# in your local machine. sudo -u postgres pg_restore -C mydatabase.dump

For a details of the command line options supported by pg_dump and pg_restore, please visit and respectively.



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