Ubuntu: BASH adds an extra space after auto-completion of directory names

I have been bugged for few months now by an unusual behavior of BASH where it adds an additional space after every auto-completed directory name. Initially, I just compromised with the behavior and continued. But lately, it has become an annoyance to press the backspace key after every auto-completed directory name.

Searching for solutions landed me in Ubuntu Bugs Launchpad.1 Applying the solution shared by Leo as Comment 10 solved the issue.2

The issue is due to the fact that the bash auto-completion logic defined in acroread's auto-completion file located at /etc/bash_completion.d/acroread.sh overrides the default behavior.

There are quite a few solutions to this issue:

  1. The easiest is to delete /etc/bash_completion.d/acroread.sh and restart your shell.
  2. Alternatively, you can consider and renaming the variable _filedir defined in /etc/bash_completion.d/acroread.sh with a custom name say, _acroread_filedir. More information about this solution is available in the Adobe Reader for Linux forum.3



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