How to fix blank screen issue while attempting to edit WordPress blog posts in distraction free writing mode in Ubuntu?

I like writing, though I write occasionally. has been my platform of choice for several years now. I used to use the Windows Live Writer to create and edit my blog posts in Windows. It is excellent editor by all angles. When using Ubuntu, I stick with the web-based text editor on

Since the launch of Markdown support for web based editor(, my dependency on the web-based editor increased multifold.

Recently, I was plagued by the ‘blank screen’ problem whenever I used to switch to the ‘distraction free mode’ while editing text from within the Text Editor on the Chrome browser.

Meanwhile, I encountered the same problem when launching to use the WhatsApp web client from within the Chrome browser. The symptoms of the problem seemed alike. And the solution also worked.

The solution was to launch the Chrome browser with hardware based rendering disabled using the command:

settipalli@settipalli-ubuntu:~$ google-chrome --disable-gpu

The other blog post also provides details on creating a desktop shortcut for Chrome browser with GPU disabled.

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8. Download Windows Live Writer


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